Scott Long
Trained with Joe 20 years ago and employed by Cardiff Toyota. Now Dealer Principal Ryde Automotive - Subaru, Mazda & Kia.
Michael Ibrahim
Trained by Joe. Now Dealer Principal at Autosport Honda.
Mike T
Trained with Joe as an 26 year old. Opened his own Real Estate Agency in Wollongoong in 2014 using the same sales & customer service skills learnt from Joe . Mike T - Remember me - www.miketrealestate.com.au
Reta Jano
Trained by Joe in 2005 sold cars then became a Business Manager and now back selling at Suttons City.
Jennie Liu
Trained by Joe and is now the New Car Manager at Collins Honda.
Michael Lay
Trained with Joe in 1996. Now Sales Manager at Suttons City Holden.
Oli Audisho
Trained by Joe in 2005 and has been with Western Toyota since and is now Sales Manager.
Val Parfan
Val trained by Joe and is now Sales Manager at Longwell Motors.
Stephan Gam
Trained and place by Joe but cars weren't for her. Used her Sales skills in Retail - now Harvey Norman Franchisee.
Christian Fischer
Trained by Joe as soon as he turned 18. Sales Manager at Hornsby Mazda.
Corrie Taylor
Trained by Joe in 2003. Sales Manager at Hornsby Mazda.
Michael Stojanovski
Trained with Joe in May 2002. Now Sales Manager at Suttons City Subaru.
John Bainbridge
Trained by Joe in 2002. Now Sales Manager at Macarthur Ford.
Daniel Choe
Daniel also trained with Joe in 1996. Now Assistant Sales Manager at Suttons City Hyundai.
Ali Mireskandari
Trained by Joe in 1996. Now Sales Manager at Rockdale Ford.

Eddy - Assistant Sales Manager

Congratulations to Eddy Kossayri awarded the 2016/2017 Employee of the Year award at our AGM.

Eddy commenced with Phil Gilbert Motor Group in October 2014 as a Sales Trainee, newly migrated to Australia with his young family. Eddy sold over 250 cars in 2016, with a record high of 43 in June 2016. Eddy achieved GOLD LEADER status from Toyota in 2016. Eddy is always willing to assist those around him to achieve their best possible results. He always the first to put his hand up to volunteer for tasks and is passionate about everything he does including blowing up the balloons.
Joe Teagh & Eddy Kossayri at Phil Gilbert
Eddy was promoted to Toyota Assistant Sales Manager on July 1st 2017. I am very proud of your achievements and individual contribution to our dealership and our industry. Thank you for caring.

Thank you for living the values. You embody the spirit of “We are they”, of “One by one” and of course, “Show me how good you are!”
Written by Charmain Steveton – Peolpe & Culture Manager Phil Gilbert Motor Group – Published on LinkedIn

Eddy was trained by Joe Teagh in October, 2014 and career placed with Phil Gilbert where he has gone from strength to strength by implementing his training.

Our recent In-House training with Central Coast Holden saw Joe Teagh catching up with Danny Mouhanna who Joe orginally trained in 2005.
Danny is the top selling Salesperson in the New Car department and it was Danny who recommended Joe when the company was looking for a Sales Trainer.
Danny has been in the industry for 12 years now and has been in Management however prefers Sales. Danny declares that he continues to implement the skills and knowledge learnt from Joe.

Also while at Central Coast Holden, Joe caught up with George Kelaita – the new Sales Manager of CC Holden’s Used Car department.George Kelaita and Joe Teagh
George worked under Joe’s Management way back in the Fury Ford days in the 80s.

George recounted many stories about the ‘good old days’ and the skills he learnt from Joe, which he still practices today.
Much hugging and back slapping as these two caught up with each other.

IMG_1378 Hi Tricia   I got promoted to Assistant Used Car Sales Manager…….  Thankyou so much for the support from you and Joe.

Shalu Mathew – Trained in July 2016 and career placed with Western Toyota
–  Promoted 29 July, 2017