Wake Up (to Life Today)

Stop being DEAD but not Buried!!!

“Unlock your potential and change your life today.” Joe Teagh

If it was easy to eliminate the negative elements that hold us back, then we would all do it straight away, but the reality for many of us is that change is hard to accept. We resist, we excuse and we carry on, while still wishing for change. 

‘Wake Up’ takes you through what elements in your life give you the increased confidence to improve your career, sustain meaningful relationships and gain financial independence.

Through ‘Wake Up’ life coaching, you will learn to enrich your life by: Wake Up

  • Always having a positive attitude
  • Eliminating negative elements, fears and dealing with obstacles
  • Increased confidence and growing greater people skills
  • Speaking with confidence on any subject and control the conversation
  • Positively influencing others
  • Choosing and securing the career you want
  • Realising financial security
  • Greater level of happiness
  • Attaining better and happier marriage or relationship
    “Before I didn’t know where to start. Now all I have to do is put the theory into practice.” – Vladimir O

“The course is a really valuable experience. It helped to express myself with more energy and excitement. I really want to get out there and put in practice what was learnt during the course.” – Ronny T



  • Why are you here?
    – Who said “All good things come to those that wait” ?
    – Who said “The Lord will provide” ?
    – Who said “It wasn’t meant to be”?
  • Attitude
    – Perception
    – Look for solutions
    – Make a decision
    – Formulate a plan
    – Set your goals
    – Look at you
  • – List the Positives in your life
    – List the Negatives in your life
    – How to eliminate what you don’t want
  • Increase your Confidence Levels
    – Confidence is the result of knowledge
    – Work with what your know
    – Dressing with confidence
    – Walking with confidence
    – Smiling with confidence
    – Make an impression
    – Be aware of yourself and others
  • Enhance your People to People Skills
    – Look at others body language
    – Assess their attitude
    – Investigate their knowledge
    – Find their sparkle
    – Concentrate on their positives
  • Speak with Confidence
    – Body language
    – Use your hands
    – Create images, not just words
    – Eye contact
    – Passion
  • Control the Conversation
    – Lead with questions
    – Find the best in people
    – Show genuine interest
    – Empathise
    – Eliminate the ‘motor mouth syndrome’
  • Influence Others
    – Find the purpose
    – How do you benefit?
    – How do they benefit?
    – Take charge
  • Deal with Obstacles
    – Define the obstacle and own it
    – Different types of obstacles
    – Manage it or eliminate it
  • Select and Secure the Career you Want
    – Make a decision
    – Do your research
    – Check your knowledge and ability
    – Select and research the company
    – Be prepared
  • Eliminate your Fears
    – The main causes of fear
    – Determining your fear
    – Find the solution
  • Change your Life
    – Change your actions
    – Change your attitude
    – Eliminate negative influence
    – Set a daily target
    – Follow through
    – Don’t procrastinate
  • Daily Positive Checklist
    – Build your checklist
    – Determination
    – Enthusiasm
    – Positive attitudes
    – Communication
    – Passion
    – Awareness
    – Time
    – Honesty
  • Conclusion
    – Begin to change
    – Today is a new beginning, yesterday was simply a lesson
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