Unlock your Potential – The Automotive Sales Industry Needs and Wants MORE WOMEN To Join Our Salesforce


In 1980 I was instrumental in hiring one of the first women in Automotive Sales and perhaps the very first woman.

The word got around fast and I began receiving phone calls from other Motor Dealers telling me that I was absolutely crazy and what was I thinking hiring a female in a male dominated Industry.

Very soon she became my number one salesperson and was selling 30% more cars than my previous best salesman.

When I began my recruiting, training and career placement program in 1986, I inspired more women to join the Automotive Sales Industry and success was imminent.

Women added a soft touch to what was an industry of rogues with a dog eat dog attitude and in the years to follow dealerships started putting in their requests for at least one woman to join the salesforce in their Dealership.

Today just about every new car Dealership has one or more women working on the showroom floor in sales and this has proven to be very successful.

These days I conduct approximately two training sessions a month and I always try and ensure that I have one woman in the group which is not always possible so I guess that the majority of women still see the Automotive Sales Industry as a male dominated environment.

This Industry has changed and cleaned up its ‘act and has created one of the most professional and lucrative career paths in its’ history and I am proud to have been a great part of this progress.

I now appeal to all women out there to come forward and meet with me to discuss Career opportunities within the Automotive Sales Industry and to join the rest of the successful Automotive Salespeople.

Everyone we know as well as everyone we meet drives a car. New car buyers are replacing their cars every three years on an average.

Being an Automotive Salesperson means that you are in fact running your own business within a business without the expenses of advertising, rent, stock holding and all the usual costs of running your own business.

So ladies come forward and contact me to discuss your new career. No prior sales experience necessary.

Contact me by email me joeteagh@trainthem.com.au or contact triciasmith@trainthem.com.au for more information.