“Trainthem helping to find our Dreams”

Adapting to Australian way of working was not an easy task but the comprehensive Australian training program which covered the most important parts of retail selling and methods helped me to adopt faster.

The module “Sell & Profit” covered the key points such as,
– Preparation
– Commitment and focus
– Emotional selling
– Taking action
– How to react to an Objection
– Customer contact and the steps
– Qualification and fact finding
– Emotional commitment
– Finalise & close the sale
– Follow up with the customer

Currently I work full-time as a Car Sales Consultant and I wouldn’t have been able to fulfill my duties to my family if not for the program. Once again let me thank both of you for the tremendous service you do for people to get closer to their dreams.

All the Best

Migara Maddumapatabendi