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Hey Tricia,  Just wanted to give a bit of feedback.peter warren logo
Martin Pham has sold & delivered 16 units for the month of November. Very impressive for a Kelvin Pham - Renault No 1newbie. Furthermore Kelvin Pham has continued to impress, averaging mid to high teens.
Thank You.
Joey Jovica Djuric – Sales Manager – Peter Warren Renault (5 Dec, 2016)

Kelvin Pham – September 2017 – Peter Warren Renault receiving his No. 1 Sales award. Congratulations Kelvin

I’d like to formally announce that I have just been hired for Nissan Sutherland and start next week. A big shout out and Thank you to Tricia Smith and Joe Teagh for all your amazing work. Please if your in the market for a new car come and see me at Sutherland Nissan. – Christine 14th Sept
This is what Christine O’Hea has to say – “Joe T training changed my life for the better, as a long time house wife entering the workplace again Joe’s no bull approach experience and training  really prepared me for my new career with Nissan. Tricia worked tirelessly to help me find employment and I find that everything I learnt in the course has really helped me in my new position with Nissan. Its made for a smooth entry into a new career. Everyone in the car industry should have to do this course. Thank you Joe T and Tricia for all your hard work, support, advise and believing in me.” Christine O’Hea 9 Oct, 2017

“I just want to say thank you to Joe Teagh and Tricia for the effort you put in organising the courses and the interviews, I can’t believe it’s been a whole year now. I needed to get Marlk Alazzam - Tom Kerr Kiaa foot in the door in the automotive sales a year ago when I was referred by a friend of mine to do the Sales Advantage Program. Joe has long experience in the industry and can help you prepare to be a good salesman. I just followed the advice “Smile, Smile, SMIIIIIIILE” and I have been exceeding my targets since I started. Thanks again guys.” Mark Alazzam 13 Sept, 2017

Sinan Turunc

Sinan commenced employment with Dominelli Renault on 1st Aug, when asked on 18th Aug how everything was going, he responded – “Yeah awesome. I’ve sold 8 cars so far except for negotition prices, the boss won’t let me yet hahaha but everything is good. Got all the product knowledge down and their sending me to Melbourne next month for training so it’s all happening”

After completing this training (Automotive Sales), I believe I have that extra edge in sales and how to deliver a successful presentation with confidence.

Elizabeth Cameron The 10 steps to a “Road to a Sales”was the biggest benefit as it relates to EXACTLY what we ill be doing in our everyday careers. I had fun participating in this program. Joe and Tricia are wonderful presenters.

Elizabeth – trained July 2017 Employed by Macarthur BMW immediately after training.

Hey Tricia and Joe, making the appointment to come in and joining the program was a IMG_2481risk for me, I’ve only recently heard about what you guys do, I wasn’t sure if I was making the right choice, but now I’m glad I took that risk. Working at McGrath Holden Liverpool is an awesome experience and the team is great, if Joe T can’t get you started in the industry, nobody can.

Oliver – 24 July, 2017

The biggest benefit in completing Joe Teagh Automotive SalesTraining was the overall training provided by the program.
Miduran Narendiran

EVERYTHING in the training provided and taught by Joe is a life skill and a career skill that I can take forth and apply to my career.
From tips on presentation and behavioural techniques to selling and making emotional connections with others. The program in its entirety was a huge addition to my career and I will take forth and try to retain everything I have learnt.

Miduren – Aged 19 ready to start his Automotive Sales career.

Joe was a very engaging teacher who knows the (Automotive) Industry very well. His ability to lighten the mood during training meant that the Intensive 5 days didn’t seem unbearable.

Nate Elhosni

Tricia was also a great help keeping things light with her humour during role plays as well as her quirky habits. Overall Joe & Tricia make a great team.

The course is well structured and grants an indepth look at perfecting Sales techniques for the Industry and offers many opportunities to be inclusive through role plays, group discussions and the closeness of the group that develops through the week.

Nathan – Experienced in Retail Sales including Management roles moving into Car Sales

Li ZhangVery interesting program (Automotive Sales Training). Program was totally over my expectations. Joe is funny and his explanation was very to the point. I enjoyed it. Every aspect of sales principles and process are really clear to me and Joe provided different examples of sales.

Li Zhang – Trained July, 2017  Commenced employment with Sutherland Mazda in August.

 Raul Salva      Thorough & Realistic training from JT. Real life scenarios & how to handle them. It was not sugar coated, you experience is what will happen in real life.

Great heads up on what to expect in Car Sales life.

Thankyou JT & Tricia. Very much appreciate what you do!!!!
Raul – Career change into Automtive Sales after a successful career in REtail & Hospitality.  Now employed with Heartland.       

 I like my job! I’m enjoying it. I’m a floater. I’ve been asked to learn all 3 at the top of the 

IMG_2302Dealership because I’ll be in Suzuki, Kia and Renault.

Rosina 7 May, 2017 – Employed by Macarthur Automotive


IMG_2045I really wanted to say thank you, you guys were AMAZING and I love my new job.

Malek 8 May, 2017
Employed by Phil Gilbert



Thanks a lot dear Tricia! Send my greetings to the great Joe! I love it here and they like me as well. Wish you a nice week guys!

Juan 24 May, 2017 – Employed by Sydney Toyota


The idea oIMG_2256f taking a back seat and letting someone else slog it out for me, especially as the end goal is my own best interest, is a complete anathema to me. Generally a good rule to follow is; other people don’t have your best interest at heart. But there are exceptions to every rule…

Tricia Smith – the Business Development and Liaisons Director at TrainThem – took the reins from my hands, and guided me on to a better course. She worked hard to set up quite a few interviews for me at various dealerships, and was always available for advice or a bit of a pep-talk.
The last hurdle, the job interview, may have been mine alone to face, but I’d have never made it that far without her. So if you are interested in a career in car sales, you definitely want her in your corner.

So I’d like to take a moment to say thank you Tricia, thank you for all your hard work. I probably wasn’t the easiest candidate to settle, but your commitment is nothing short of amazing. 11/10 would place my future in your hands again.

Lachlan Rossi – 23 Apr, 2017
Employed by Northshore Mitsubishi

I’m happy toIMG_2234 announce my first car sale today and it was a double car sale to a lovely couple I sold a brand new Kluger VX and a Camery Altise yayyyyyyyyyyyyyy me. I’m pumped last day of our demolition sale tomorrow come on down to Noble Toyota and grab a deal.
May 20th – 11 days after commencing as a Sales Trainee with Noble Toyota
Whop whop sold another car today  –  May 21st
Sold my 4th car 🚗 today yayyyyyyyyyyyyyy   – May 24th

Thankyou So Much

I am now really enjoying the working atmosphere at ‘Western Toyota Used Car Sales’ with download (1)Mark Brittian and his team. I sold 14 cars last month.
Everyone in the world is passionate about something and its a blessing that your Passion & Profession becomes the same; So thank you so much to “Joe T Sales Advantage Programs”  for giving me such a wonderful blessing in my Professional Life.  I am also sure that without your support & guidance I wouldn’t have had a chance to work with such a reputed Motor Group and I am truly looking for a long term career in the Automotive Industry, so I nee your support & guidance in my future endeavors.

Once again Thanks to Tricia & Joe
Shalu Mathew – 29 July, 2016


 IMG_1607Dear Joe & Tricia,
Today marks a new chapter in life for me as it is my first day at Hyundai – Phil Gilbert at Croydon. It has been an enduring journey for me to get into the automotive industry but here I am at last. I want to say thankyou to you both for your guidance along the way.

You guys are amazing.
Dat Dong – 29 June, 2016

Employed Scotts Honda – Artarmon

Vincent Chan

I was offered an interview on the last day of the TrainThem Car Sales Program, that late afternoon Tricia called me and told me I was accepted in as a trainee, I was very excited and lost for words.
I have just finished my probation and now proud to be working for the biggest Honda Dealership in NSW.

Thinking back just 3 months ago I had no sales experience at all.
I would like to thank Joe and Tricia again for this remarkable opportunity,I highly recommend this course to everyone who is looking for a career in car sales.
Vincent Chan – June 2016

Thank You

Hi Joe!
It’s was great seeing Tricia and you on Monday again! Please excuse my casual attire! I just want to say thank you very much for all that harsh training you put me through and till this day I still remember your examples and teaching. Read More

Ian Cai – Thomson Ford – May 2016

“TrainThem helping to find our Dreams”

Thank you Joe & Tricia,

Recruits 27 Oct 005After completing a 10 years career in Sri Lanka moving to Australia for betterment was a huge challenge. The biggest hurdle to clear was to find full-time work and on average all immigrants have to stay for more than 6 months to find work. But my journey was made easier and Thanks to Trainthem I found work in 4 months. Read More

All the Best
Migara Maddumapatabendi  

Letter of Appreciation. 

Dear Joe,

I am writing this letter of appreciation to your Sales Training Program. Prior February 1998 I had worked as a qualified motor mechanic for 12 years and decided I needed a change both in career and income. I responded to your add in the paper, which steered me into a profession I had not given thought to. I hesitated to do the course because of the price, however I am now more than grateful that you helped me make the right decision and you could see that I had the potential of becoming a top gun sales professional earning and attractive income. In my first year of sales I had doubled my previous income as a mechanic. Read More

Mike T – Mike T Real Estate

As you said, I would be Successful.

Hi Joe,

Not sure if you remember me ……Class of 2008 Deal Path in Melbourne. Been a long time since we have spoken. Thought I’d touch base and let you know how I’ve been going selling cars, as you said “I would be successful at”. You were right! Still employed, still going strong and would love to tell you all about it sometime.

Ben Coleman

The key things I learnt were…

The key things I learnt from the three day course were; Presentation, people buy us before they buy anything from us. I am guilty of attending interviews poorly presented and I wondered why I didn’t get the job. Good hygiene and being well groomed can’t be over stated.

– You need determination to achieve the things you want. Speak with passion, use hand gestures and hold your head up. Have awareness of the customer and listen to what they say. Repeat it clearly to make sure you have it correct. Read More

Nicole R – Super Amart

I Found a job!

Hi, My name is Chen and I just wanted to pass on my words of appreciation to the Trainthem team.

I first found out about Trainthem on Seek in February, 2010. They were advertising for people wanting to be trained in Retail Sales for Electrical, Furniture, and Motor Vehicles and wanting to be placed in a position with one of their listed clients.

I had been looking for work for over nine months, since I had returned to Australia from Malaysia my home country, where I worked for 9 years in Electronics retail. It was very hard for me to get back into a job here as things had changed so much in my time overseas. Read More

Chen – Prestige Appliances

Mark Churcher Franchisee of Harvey Norman

Eddy at Phil Gilbert Toyota

Fiona Sales Consultant Harvey Norman