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Joe T – LIVE Automotive Sales Training captured on VIDEO


James videoing

What an exciting week. Joe Teagh’s The Complete Automotive Sales SELL & PROFIT Program has been captured on video. Joe has been training Trainee & Experienced Automotive Sales staff professionally since 1986 after his own highly successfully career in Car Sales both new and use. This program has been created and developed by Joe with content naturally changing to reflect today’s market and consumer behaviour.

Since 1986, Joe has selectively recruited, trained and career placed 1000’s of Trainees – young/mature; male/female from all suburbs across Sydney, Melbourne & Brisbane as well conducting In House training of Dealerships existing staff and Seminars.

Trainees have always received a course workbook which has become more extensive over the years to refer back to as their BIBLE once employed. Now Trainees will also have access to a video of Joe’s intensive live training to enable training to be easily revisited and refreshed.

James Stein has done a fantastic job capturing Joe and his current trainees progressing through their training. The video covers important content including Customer Types; the 10 Steps to a Road to a Sale; 6 Position Sell; Designing a Demonstration run and Conducting a Demo Drive; Role Playing of various Sales Scenario; Costing of vehicle using Trade-in Valuation and Extras including scenarios with residual financing; Negotiation Skills and much, much, much more…………..

If you are in the Automotive Sales Industry and would like access to this video please contact me. triciasmith@trainthem.com.au