Sell and Profit the A-Z of Sales

Are you in Sales and not yet a MILLIONAIRE $$$?
Do you want to get into Sales and become a MILLIONAIRE $$$?

Then this Program is for YOU!!!

The ‘Sell and Profit’ Professional Sales Training Online incorporates motivation and empowerment for sales people while providing real skills, formulas and content.

Ask a sales person the simple question “who taught them how to sell?” and you’ll discover a simple truth. Most haven’t had formal sales training.

Sales staff don’t just walk away feeling good about training, but have advanced new skills that will immediately help them become a stronger and more successful sales person.

If you’re a sales person looking to refine your sales skills to make more sales or a business wanting to motivate your team and really reinvigorate the sales team, then ‘Sell and Profit’ professional sales training is for you.


Professional sales training will boost all the measurements of success:

  • Achieving and surpassing sales targets
  • Closing bigger deals
  • Shortening the sales cycle
  • Boosting revenue and making more money

“I have developed confidence to deal with people, ask the right questions to qualify them and the right steps to close a mutually beneficial deal.”  Paul Q

– A clear, simple to follow step by step process to making a sale from initial customer contact through to closing and finalizing the sale.
– An understanding of customer types and what motivates a person to buy
– How to overcome customer objections
– How to demonstrate your product or service
– How to build emotional ownership of your product with the customer
– How to develop a relationship with your customer and that customers buy people before buying a product (if they don’t like you they won’t buy from you)
– and much MORE!!!!


  • Preparation
    – Sales people come from all walks of life
    – Expose yourself
    – Create the opportunity
    – Look at you
    – Body language
  • Commitment and Focus
    – Setting your goals
    – Self analyis
    – Make it happen
  • Emotional Selling
    – What is selling?
    – Investing your time
    – What motivates people to buy
    – Create emotional ownership ahead of purchase
    – Build value
    – Read your coustomers
  • Take Action
    – Inspire trust
    – Eliminate the “motor mouth syndrome”
    – Be the compass
    – Create comfort and reassurance
    – Control the sale
    – The “what if” factor
    – Control questions
    – Beware of boxed in questions
    – Lead with questions
  • Objections
    – Define the objection
    – An excuse in the form of an objection
    – Genuine concern in the form of an objection
    – The formula to determine an excuse or objection
    – The formula in action
  • Customer Contact
    – At the showroom
    – You look like
    – Don’t burn the customer
    – Identify your customer type
  • Qualification and Fact Finding
    – Assessing and identifying
    – Feel and visualisation
    – Making your presentation
    – It’s easier to own than buy!
  • Emotional Commitments
    – Customer resistance
  • Finalise and Close
    – Paperwork
    – Delivery
  • Follow Through
    – After the sale
  • Congratulations
    – Learn the program
    – Relax!
    – Practice your smile & voice projection
    – Get started




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