IT’S NOT ROCKET SCIENCE – Achieving Success

I’ve lost count of the number of times that people have come to me and said “Joe, I want to be successful”, so what is Success and how do we measure it?

Success has a million definitions and it is not always measured by our bank account, shares portfolio or real estate ownership. Success has a different meaning for all of us; however the difficult part is often knowing what we really want and how to go about getting it. We live in a society where social media seems to dictate the standards we should adopt. We seem to be more concerned of how others will perceive us rather than how we perceive ourselves. Every day I meet people who have come to this country to better themselves and give their families a better life. These people want to work and are often prepared to work for wages well below the award and yet they don’t complain because they are grateful for the roof over their heads, food on their table and the opportunity to give their children an education which they couldn’t otherwise have had in their own country. These people are open to Training and Learning and they know what they want.

What do you want? Do you want to be successful in Business? How much time do you invest in training and learning in order to achieve success in YOUR business? How much Training do you provide for your staff? We can never stop training if we want to win the next race. I have spoken to hundreds of “experienced” salespeople who have now become aware that what was successful ten years ago or even five years ago is no longer working for them because consumer behaviour has changed along with our culture. We need to stay on top of this and re-adapt to the new Australia and its varied cultures.

100% success is made up of 75% preparation. Trainers such as me, spend a great part of our life simply researching consumer behavioural patterns along with new training Techniques which work. I have been a Trainer for the Automotive Industry and the Retail Industry since 1986 and I often say to people that if I were to teach them how to sell cars today the way that I taught in 1986, we would all be in prison within a week.

You want to be successful in Business? Choose the right staff and then ensure that they get the best possible training for the job which you hire them to do.