Letter of Appreciation

Dear Joe,

I am writing this letter of appreciation to your Sales Training Program. Prior February 1998 I had worked as a qualified motor mechanic for 12 years and decided I needed a change both in career and income. I responded to your add in the paper, which steered me into a profession I had not given thought to. I hesitated to do the course because of the price, however I am now more than grateful that you helped me make the right decision and you could see that I had the potential of becoming a top gun sales professional earning and attractive income. In my first year of sales I had doubled my previous income as a mechanic.

I have been employed at a reputable dealership in the Illawarra for just over two years. During the two years I kept the basics of sales, created a newsletter mailing list, gained a tremendous amount of experience, developed more confidence, presentation/demonstrations skills, closing techniques and the ever so important don’t give up attitude.

I’m now in a position where I am a wanted salesman as I have been offered numerous jobs/positions with other reputable dealerships. Now that’s a good feeling. I’ve also found selling to be both enjoyable and fun! Way I see it I don’t only sell cars I make people happy.
This I’ll share with whoever maybe reading this and wandering if they should get into car sales.

To succeed you must:

  • Genuinely want to help people.
  • Have a positive attitude
  • Be Honest (Professionals don’t need to lie)
  • Think, Act, Dress like a professional
  • Develop your confidence
  • Study and learn how to – Sell yourself
  • Sell the company
  • Sell the product

If you have the right Attitude and Aptitude You will determine your Altitude. Sky’s the limit. I can confidently say Joe Teagh is a professional’s professional and the Joe Teagh Sales Training Programme is definitely for those who want to be professionals. Every professional that has completed the course will agree with me that the course is definitely worth the investment into a great sales career with a fantastic income opportunity. God bless…

Michael – Michael T Real Estate