How to Influence Anyone Positively

Your sales person is usually the first point of contact when a potential customer entersQuote - for Joe your showroom or place of business.

That customer must like and trust that salesperson or the outcome will result in a NO SALE.

Your company is not the only company selling your products or services. Customers have choices and they will choose to go elsewhere if they don’t like or trust your sales person.

This unique program teaches how to successfully influence anyone positively and create a comfort zone which will result in a SALE and generate Referrals.

It teaches successful communication techniques and control of the outcome.

No matter what we are selling, our product is primarily PEOPLE.

If product knowledge is important, and it is, then be aware that people knowledge and communication skills are even more important.



  • The Power of Positive Influence
    Who must we influence first?
    – Negative people
    – Personal power 
  • Everyone is Interesting
    – Our perception
    – Everyone we meet is important
    – Digging for Victory
  • Be Genuine and Sincere at all Times
    – The importance of sincerity
    – The two for one principle
    – Don’t be a knocker, be a praiser
  • The Different Sides of Control
    – Five control methods
    – Control through fear
    – Control through praise
    – Control through interest
    – Control through deceit
    – Control trough inspiration and truth
    – Two men who affected humanity
  • Change your Attitude Towards Others
    – The importance of attitude
    – Positive and negative patterns
    – Action causes reaction
  • Engaging the Conversation
    – Different traits of communication
    – Expressing interest –
  • Leading with Questions
    – The power of questions
    – Leading with questions
    – Control with questions
  • Be Noticed
    – Body language
    – How do others see you
    – The different meaning of gestures
  • Conversation Starters
    – Catch phrases
    – Do’s and dont’s
    – Creating the opportunity you want
  • Conclusion
    Thoughts, feelings and understanding
    – Recap
    – Apply the principles
    – Getting started
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