By Joe Teagh – CEO TrainThem & Joe T Sales Advantage Programs

I constantly see advertisements from motor dealers looking for an experienced sales person. After numerous interviews; they contact our company and request to meet with our current Automotive Sales Trainees.

What defines an experienced sales person?  Is it their closing ratio? Is it their customer retention? Is it their Customer Satisfaction Index? Is it their ability to negotiate? Is it that they would rather negotiate than demonstrate? Or is it measured on the length of time they have been in the industry?

Why does an experienced sales person want to move from their current employ, if they are SO successful in that particular dealership? Are they disgruntled? Which dealership would upset an excellent sales person who might have a closing ratio of 3 out of 5, a customer retention totaling 75% to 80%. So why are they wanting to move????

So why hire a sales trainee?

The answer should be pretty obvious!

Every year a number of automotive sales people move away from the industry. Some retire, some relocate and some simply leave for family or personal reasons.

So why do we constantly keep advertising for the experienced sales person? Where do we find them, since the staff diminish and the industry grows? More importantly where do we find the good ones? The answer is – We don’t!

They finally hire a Trainee who has been trained and groomed by Joe T Sales Advantage Programs/ TrainThem.

Our graduate Sales Trainees pay for their own training and are fully committed to their career. Our training fees are high and they’ve got plenty of skin in the game. They are fresh, enthusiastic, energetic, keen to work, have a positive ‘can do’ attitudes, with a willingness to learn and are moldable to the Manager’s selling procedures.

So what’s the problem?

The problem is that when some dealerships hire a trainee, they then forget to continue their training and at times offer no support whatsoever. I won’t name anyone but one particular Sales Manager has hired and fired in excess of 20 sales people within a period of 12 months and most were so called experienced Sales people. How can anyone justify that?

When a dealership or any organisation hires a trainee, they have two defined obligations. One is to hire wisely and the second is to continue their training and build their skills. The trainee has the right attitude but still needs support. If a Manager can’t give that support or continue to train and build its’ people, then what kind of Manager is he or she?

It’s my philosophy that we give birth to these trainees and the Manager adopts them – Managers please don’t adopt anyone if you can’t raise them wisely.