Automotive Sales

This unique and complete Automotive Sales Program covers an extensive step by step “HOW TO” of Automotive Sales from Preparation all the way to the Closing of a Sale, How to source & create outside sales opportunities away from your showroom; Building a database and securing referrals thus creating Customers for Life.

 The “AUTOMOTIVE SALES” program extensively covers –

Reid delivering Mustang

Reid delivering his first Mustang sale. Happy customer and happy sales man at City Ford.

– A clear, simple to follow 10 step sales process to sell cars from initial customer contact through to negotiating; closing and finalising the sale.
– An understanding of customer types and what motivates a person to buy
– How to overcome customer objections
– How to demonstrate your product
– How to build customers’ emotional commitment of your brand
– How to develop a relationship with your customer (if they don’t like you they won’t buy from you)
– and much, much MORE!!!!



  • Introduction
    – Why Automotive sales?

    – Who are Our Customers?
    – Creating a Database
    – Creating Sales Opportunities
    – Staying in Touch
    – Time Management 
  • Preparation  
    – Salespeople come from all walks of life

    – Attitude
    – Look at you (How customers perceive you)
    – Body language
  • Emotional Selling 
    – What is selling?

    – What motivates people to buy?
    – Create emotional ownership ahead of purchase
    – Build value
    – Read your customers
  • Take action 
    – The “what if” Factor

    – Take control of the sale
    – Control questions
    – Beware of “boxed in” questions
    – Leading with questions
  • Objections 
    – Defining the objection

    – Excuse or Genuine concern
    – The formula to determine the difference
  • The Different Customer Types 
    – Defining the different customer types

    – Building relationships and creating customers for life
  •  The “Road to a Sale” in ten easy steps
    – Initial customer contact (showroom floor)

    – Assess and identify (customer needs and wants)
    – Pre-selection of vehicle (what to show)
    – Demonstration Drive (building emotions)
    – Presentation of features and benefits (6 positions sell)
    – Emotional commitment to ownership
    – Trade in evaluation
    – Costing of new vehicle
    – Negotiation
    – Closing the sale
  • The After Sale – Sale        
    – Aftermarket and Settlements (Finance & Insurance)
  • Follow Through  
    – Before delivery

    – Delivery
    – Post delivery
    – Securing referrals
    – Staying in touch 

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