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Recently I was in a Dealership and from where I working I was able to overhear the Delivery of a New Vehicle.

An older couple had come in to collect their new Kia Sorento. It was obvious that the couple felt comfortable with their Sales Consultant however it was disappointing to observe that the consultant was not prepared for the delivery as I heard him say “oh, I didn’t expect you for another hour” as he rushed to finish covering the cars with the blue cloth and quickly add the delivery bow.

The car for delivery was presented in a cold, unattractive area which was ear tagged to become the new display area for an additional brand in the near future. At this stage, the area seemed to be the dumping ground for any unwanted article for the Dealership, as it housed 2 other cars for delivery, old office furniture, empty boxes and miscellaneous materials.

Hubby took the obligatory photos of his wife with what appeared to be her new car. The Salesman did not offer to take a photo of the husband and wife together and he did not take a delivery photo for his own records. The wife appeared excited, as she should be, about picking up her new car. Hubby said to me that I was her 5th new car. I responded, “every new car purchase is an exciting experience and nothing can replace that new car smell”. His wife quickly added, that her last new car was 10 years go before hubby went on to tell me more about that new car smell.

I congratulated them on their new purchase and turned back to my desk. I was then able to listen to the Salesperson as he conducted the delivery.

I could hear both the husband and wife asking questions to which the Sales Consultant answered professionally. “Does this take 95 or 98 petrol?” “It can take either”. “What’s in the tank now?” “It has 95.” “How do I connect my phone?” The Salesman demonstrated and connected her phone to the system and hubby placed a call to his wife to ensure it was working. Most questions came from the husband who seemed to be seeing the vehicle for the first time. At no stage did the sales consultant take control of the delivery to go over the features with the wife or present the vehicle to the husband. And judging by the questions asked, I doubt that a comprehensive FAB (Feature Advantages & Benefits) was conducted during the sales process. Throughout the entire delivery, the salesperson’s voice was very even and he showed no real enthusiasm for what he was doing.

Then hubby noticed that the mats were missing from the vehicle and he inquired as he stated that they had been requested and paid for. The Salesperson looked blank before going off to investigate.

In his absence, the wife started asking hubby more questions about certain features of the car and how they worked. As he was unsure, he told her to ask the Sales Consultant when he returned. Hubby was also getting anxious about the time as it appeared that they had other commitments to attend to.

When the Salesman returned, he confirmed that they did have the mats and that someone was coming to fit them now.

This done, he opened the doors so that she could exit the delivery area.
No “do you have any other questions?”
or “simply contact me if you need any assistance”
or “I contact you in a few days to make sure everything is going well after you’ve explored your new vehicle”
or a reminder that the first service is due at ____ etc etc……

During a chat with this salesperson later, I learnt that he was a veteran of the industry with over 30 years experience and that he had a lot of repeat customers like this particular couple. He also shared that he had seen many eager salespeople come and go who thought they were going to set the world on fire but then leave for an extra $10 down the road.

Whilst I commend this sales person on his commitment to the industry and staying in the same location and building his return customer client base. There are many things that he could do to improve his delivery and customer service – starting with being prepared. The dealership had not been busy during the morning and he did not have the car properly prepared for delivery and he had not checked that it had been accessorised properly.

Even if a 6 Position Sell had been conducted during the sales process, it is important to go back over features at the delivery time especially as this lady had not had a new vehicle in 10 years and there are many new features in the marketplace. From looking at the brochure on this vehicle even the base model is fitted with a burglar alarm and anti-theft immobiliser, reversing camera, keyless entry and keyless start – all features I am fairly confident her previous vehicle did not have. I could just imagine the poor lady, on her first solo trip to the supermarket with her brand new vehicle beeping loudly and not being able to disable the alarm!!! Or being at the service station and being unable to put fuel in her car because she can’t find the fuel cap release button.  I remember myself the frustration and embarrassment I felt when driving a hire car and I could not find the fuel release button to only discover from another motorist that it did not have a button but opens automatically when the vehicle is unlocked by simply pressing on the fuel door.

Sales consultants often forget the nervousness that a new vehicle own experiences when driving away for the first time. I recently picked up my own new car, an experience very different from what I observed today. Even though I have been driving for over 35 years, the car and its features were very well presented and explained to me before I left the Dealership and I still felt nervous as I exited the Dealership. Even then, as I was driving down the road, I realised that I had forgotten to adjust the mirrors correctly.

All customers, no matter how experienced or inexperience as drivers, need to feel comfortable and confident when driving their new vehicle away solo. So take the time to deliver the car properly, go over the features and ensure that the new owner understands how things work etc.

Ensure you advise the clients how long the delivery process will take so that they are not rushed to meet other scheduled commitments.

Sales consultants, please put yourself in the shoes of the customer and become a Champion Sales Consultant!!!

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Joe T – LIVE Automotive Sales Training captured on VIDEO


James videoing

What an exciting week. Joe Teagh’s The Complete Automotive Sales SELL & PROFIT Program has been captured on video. Joe has been training Trainee & Experienced Automotive Sales staff professionally since 1986 after his own highly successfully career in Car Sales both new and use. This program has been created and developed by Joe with content naturally changing to reflect today’s market and consumer behaviour.

Since 1986, Joe has selectively recruited, trained and career placed 1000’s of Trainees – young/mature; male/female from all suburbs across Sydney, Melbourne & Brisbane as well conducting In House training of Dealerships existing staff and Seminars.

Trainees have always received a course workbook which has become more extensive over the years to refer back to as their BIBLE once employed. Now Trainees will also have access to a video of Joe’s intensive live training to enable training to be easily revisited and refreshed.

James Stein has done a fantastic job capturing Joe and his current trainees progressing through their training. The video covers important content including Customer Types; the 10 Steps to a Road to a Sale; 6 Position Sell; Designing a Demonstration run and Conducting a Demo Drive; Role Playing of various Sales Scenario; Costing of vehicle using Trade-in Valuation and Extras including scenarios with residual financing; Negotiation Skills and much, much, much more…………..

If you are in the Automotive Sales Industry and would like access to this video please contact me. triciasmith@trainthem.com.au

Unlock your Potential – The Automotive Sales Industry Needs and Wants MORE WOMEN To Join Our Salesforce


In 1980 I was instrumental in hiring one of the first women in Automotive Sales and perhaps the very first woman.

The word got around fast and I began receiving phone calls from other Motor Dealers telling me that I was absolutely crazy and what was I thinking hiring a female in a male dominated Industry.

Very soon she became my number one salesperson and was selling 30% more cars than my previous best salesman.

When I began my recruiting, training and career placement program in 1986, I inspired more women to join the Automotive Sales Industry and success was imminent.

Women added a soft touch to what was an industry of rogues with a dog eat dog attitude and in the years to follow dealerships started putting in their requests for at least one woman to join the salesforce in their Dealership.

Today just about every new car Dealership has one or more women working on the showroom floor in sales and this has proven to be very successful.

These days I conduct approximately two training sessions a month and I always try and ensure that I have one woman in the group which is not always possible so I guess that the majority of women still see the Automotive Sales Industry as a male dominated environment.

This Industry has changed and cleaned up its ‘act and has created one of the most professional and lucrative career paths in its’ history and I am proud to have been a great part of this progress.

I now appeal to all women out there to come forward and meet with me to discuss Career opportunities within the Automotive Sales Industry and to join the rest of the successful Automotive Salespeople.

Everyone we know as well as everyone we meet drives a car. New car buyers are replacing their cars every three years on an average.

Being an Automotive Salesperson means that you are in fact running your own business within a business without the expenses of advertising, rent, stock holding and all the usual costs of running your own business.

So ladies come forward and contact me to discuss your new career. No prior sales experience necessary.

Contact me by email me joeteagh@trainthem.com.au or contact triciasmith@trainthem.com.au for more information.




By Joe Teagh – CEO TrainThem & Joe T Sales Advantage Programs

I constantly see advertisements from motor dealers looking for an experienced sales person. After numerous interviews; they contact our company and request to meet with our current Automotive Sales Trainees.

What defines an experienced sales person?  Is it their closing ratio? Is it their customer retention? Is it their Customer Satisfaction Index? Is it their ability to negotiate? Is it that they would rather negotiate than demonstrate? Or is it measured on the length of time they have been in the industry?

Why does an experienced sales person want to move from their current employ, if they are SO successful in that particular dealership? Are they disgruntled? Which dealership would upset an excellent sales person who might have a closing ratio of 3 out of 5, a customer retention totaling 75% to 80%. So why are they wanting to move????

So why hire a sales trainee?

The answer should be pretty obvious!

Every year a number of automotive sales people move away from the industry. Some retire, some relocate and some simply leave for family or personal reasons.

So why do we constantly keep advertising for the experienced sales person? Where do we find them, since the staff diminish and the industry grows? More importantly where do we find the good ones? The answer is – We don’t!

They finally hire a Trainee who has been trained and groomed by Joe T Sales Advantage Programs/ TrainThem.

Our graduate Sales Trainees pay for their own training and are fully committed to their career. Our training fees are high and they’ve got plenty of skin in the game. They are fresh, enthusiastic, energetic, keen to work, have a positive ‘can do’ attitudes, with a willingness to learn and are moldable to the Manager’s selling procedures.

So what’s the problem?

The problem is that when some dealerships hire a trainee, they then forget to continue their training and at times offer no support whatsoever. I won’t name anyone but one particular Sales Manager has hired and fired in excess of 20 sales people within a period of 12 months and most were so called experienced Sales people. How can anyone justify that?

When a dealership or any organisation hires a trainee, they have two defined obligations. One is to hire wisely and the second is to continue their training and build their skills. The trainee has the right attitude but still needs support. If a Manager can’t give that support or continue to train and build its’ people, then what kind of Manager is he or she?

It’s my philosophy that we give birth to these trainees and the Manager adopts them – Managers please don’t adopt anyone if you can’t raise them wisely.


IT’S NOT ROCKET SCIENCE – Achieving Success

I’ve lost count of the number of times that people have come to me and said “Joe, I want to be successful”, so what is Success and how do we measure it?

Success has a million definitions and it is not always measured by our bank account, shares portfolio or real estate ownership. Success has a different meaning for all of us; however the difficult part is often knowing what we really want and how to go about getting it. We live in a society where social media seems to dictate the standards we should adopt. We seem to be more concerned of how others will perceive us rather than how we perceive ourselves. Every day I meet people who have come to this country to better themselves and give their families a better life. These people want to work and are often prepared to work for wages well below the award and yet they don’t complain because they are grateful for the roof over their heads, food on their table and the opportunity to give their children an education which they couldn’t otherwise have had in their own country. These people are open to Training and Learning and they know what they want.

What do you want? Do you want to be successful in Business? How much time do you invest in training and learning in order to achieve success in YOUR business? How much Training do you provide for your staff? We can never stop training if we want to win the next race. I have spoken to hundreds of “experienced” salespeople who have now become aware that what was successful ten years ago or even five years ago is no longer working for them because consumer behaviour has changed along with our culture. We need to stay on top of this and re-adapt to the new Australia and its varied cultures.

100% success is made up of 75% preparation. Trainers such as me, spend a great part of our life simply researching consumer behavioural patterns along with new training Techniques which work. I have been a Trainer for the Automotive Industry and the Retail Industry since 1986 and I often say to people that if I were to teach them how to sell cars today the way that I taught in 1986, we would all be in prison within a week.

You want to be successful in Business? Choose the right staff and then ensure that they get the best possible training for the job which you hire them to do.