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Joe Teagh



I’ve been recruiting, training and career placing for the Automotive sales Industry since 1986. Over the last five years, I have seen a constant decline in the number of new people who want a career in Automotive Sales. I have also seen a great deterioration in the quality of potential candidates. It seems that more and more people today are spending more time in researching Government handouts rather than searching for a career. They seem to know all the perks on how to make money without actually getting out of bed and going to work.

As a company we are constantly advertising, interviewing and selectively recruiting genuine job seekers and training them in sales. Furthermore, we are also active in securing these candidates highly paid careers.

The Automotive industry in New South Wales has always been and continues to be a seven days a week Industry. We work eleven days per fortnight thus giving our Sales Staff rostered days off throughout the week but weekend work is a must. This new generation are not keen to work weekends because they would rather party on Friday and Saturday nights. Weekend work also makes it difficult to attract the 30 year old candidate with a mortgage and young children as family lifestyle becomes important and often a priority in their lives.

Also there has also been a great decline in the number of women applicants and yet the industry is screaming out for them. Women applicants used to represent approximately 25% of all candidates and this has now declined to a mere 7% to 10%.

How will we attract new candidates to this great Industry?

A base wage for a non experienced sales trainee over the age of 21years is $38.000 per annum plus Sunday loading which this in itself is a respectable income. However most Dealerships are no longer paying commissions and offering company cars until after a probation period of 3 months and up to 6 months in some cases. I see this as a lack of motivation for anyone who wants to justify working a 65 hour week, especially when they are expected to sell after week one.

When I began my selling career, commissions were paid immediately from the first car sold and paid on a weekly basis with bonuses and sales incentives being adjusted at the close of each month. I was then earning up to 10 times the average weekly wage and like myself, thousands of people wanted to join this lucrative industry.

The automotive Industry is one of the largest Industries in the world and one of the most profitable.

Let’s go back, to once again sharing the wealth and let’s get people motivated. Let’s give the stable married candidate with a family and mortgage valid reasons to be away from their families for eleven hours a day and let’s bring back the passion and the hunger for sales thus improving our Customer Satisfaction Index.

I will continue to advertise through most available sources but I will say right now, thank God for referrals and recommendations from current and past students which to date represents over 30% of all people we recruit, train and career place.

I love this Industry and yes it is still one of the most lucrative career paths, especially for a young person today without any tertiary education. All you need is a good attitude, excellent presentation and a desire to succeed and I can teach you. Email me joeteagh@trainthem.com.au