Customer Service

Customer service is NOT just about satisfied customers at the point of sale but even more importantly it IS about satisfied customers post-purchase.

This effective Program teaches exactly that, plus the techniques which result in customer retention thus creating customers for life.
Advertising will bring a potential customer to your place of business ONCE. If that potential customer is dissatisfied with the salesperson, your product or your company, that same customer will never return again no matter how many more times they see your advertisements and you could continually be advertising to attract “ONE OFF” sales.

Could your company run the risk of not advertising for three consecutive months and not lose sales?

The Customer Service program is about customer retention, generating and securing referrals by implementing the techniques of EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE before the sale, during the sale and after the sale has been made… this is called “the after sale – sale”



  • Introduction
    – Excellent Customer Service
  • Customer Cycle
    – Awareness
    – Acquisition/Purchase experience
    – Post-purchase service
    – Customer retention
  • What is a Customer?
    – What are Customers’ expectations?
    – Building a relationship with your Customer
    – Every Customer is your best Customer
  • Customer Service
    – What is Customer Service?
    – The importance of excellent Customer Service
    – When does excellent Customer Service begin?
  • Become the Customer
    – Analysing real-life buying situations
  • Areas of Customer Service
    – Customer Service at the showroom
    – Customer Service after the sales
    – Customer Service complaints
    – Dealing with Customer Service complaints & dissatisfaction
  • Customer Retention
    – Building your business
    – How to develop and retain your Customers
  • Conclusion
    – Getting started
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