Business Mentoring


  • Mystery Shopping
  • Selecting the Right Staff
  • Business Analysis
  • Staff Testing and Training
  • REV UP!

Gain valuable ‘client experience’ assessment of your sales environment and team through ‘Mystery Shopping’. Receive a report undertaken and compiled by our experienced team which performance tests your business and provides invaluable suggestions for immediately improved results.

TrainThem undertakes full analysis of the sales perspective within your business which will provide you with the correct metrics to balance your current sales team and allow you to make the right decisions when hiring additional staff.

Discover what your current staff really knows! Discover the tools needed to TrainThem in providing the best service to your customers, no matter what your product or service.

TrainThem inspires your current Sales Team to sell their selves to build a relationship with potential customers. This leads to sales that flow and result in a win/win situation for all concerned.

With over 40 years of Sales and Management Experience within the Retail and the Automotive Industry, our management team has an unrivalled reputation in the Recruitment, Training and Placement of Sales Professionals.

Get your staff motivated and re-invigorated through an inspiring ‘REV UP ’session guaranteed to Wake Up your staff to life today.

Our real world business consultancy will give you the tools to make your business an employer of choice. Giving you access to the top candidates available from our recruitment and training expertise and providing you with the best business practices in today’s marketplace.

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