“We’re all born salespeople – we sell our opinions to others, we sell our beliefs, we sell our needs and wants – but professional selling is a skill that needs to be learnt and practiced just like any other skill.”

Joe Teagh

Experience the benefits of Professional Sales Training.

Welcome to Joe Teagh’s Automotive & Retail Sales Training

Since 1986, Joe Teagh has successfully trained and career placed 1000s of men & women into Sales roles within large Retail Stores and Car Dealerships. By implementing the skills and knowledge learnt through their training these Salespeople has gone on to forge strong, successful sales careers.

Blending the knowledge from Joe’s various programs, gives our Sales Graduates an innovative and unique form of training which in turn produces the Highest standard of Salespeople who are more dedicated, knowledgeable and committed to their Career and therefore to your Business.

Based on his own highly successful business experience in cars and retail, Joe Teagh – Creative Director has written and developed 6 Sales Training Programs – All available Online with downloadable Learner Workbook and full audio and visual presentation for each Program.

Live Sales Training – Online

24 hours a day, 7 days a week, anywhere in Australia and Worldwide 6 unique programs which are cost effective and Tax deductible


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